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from quantopian.pipeline import Pipeline
from quantopian.pipeline import CustomFactor
from quantopian.research import run_pipeline
from import morningstar
from import USEquityPricing

def initialize(context):  
    # fetch data from a CSV file somewhere on the web.
    # Note that one of the columns must be named 'symbol' for 
    # the data to be matched to the stock symbol
    vixx = local_csv('YAHOO-INDEX_VIX.csv', date_column = 'Date', use_date_column_as_index=True, symbol_column ='Symbol')

class vix(CustomFactor):   
    # Pre-declare inputs and window_length
    inputs = [vixx] 
    window_length = 1
    # Compute market cap value
    def compute(self, today, assets, out, close):       
        out[:] = close[-1]

pipe = Pipeline()
pipe.add(vixx(), 'vix')   
TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-87-fb23636a047d> in <module>()
     26 pipe = Pipeline()
---> 28 pipe.add(vixx(), 'vix')

TypeError: 'DataFrame' object is not callable
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